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- Setting up your Bar -

Equipment you should get:

Basic set of tools needed.

  When setting up your Bar you will need some Specialised Equipment but most of the things you need are common household items although you might like to purchase a special set of these just for your Bar. Most of the equipment needed can be purchased cheaply from your local grocery Store and the special items from your larger local Liquor outlets.

Basic set of tools needed:

bulletA good Corkscrew (some have a small knife in the handle very handy for Champagne Bottles.)
bulletCocktail Shaker (fun to use but an Electric Blender does a better job if you can afford one.)
bulletA can opener (you can find one with a Bottle top opener on the other end for opening Beer.)
bulletCutting board (and a small sharp knife and a vegetable peeler for making fancy fruit things.)
bulletA Jigger or measuring cups (to measure exact pours available from most Liquor Stores.)
bulletIce bucket and Ice tongs (is a nice touch or else lots of ice cubes in Cube moulds for the fridge.)
bulletA strainer (to pour mixed cocktails from. Available from most Liquor Stores.)
bulletBottle sealers/pourers (that pour exact amounts can sometimes be found cheaply.)
bulletGood supply of Paper Towels (and a general Bar tea-towel for wiping up and cleaning spills, polishing Glasses.)
bulletJars or resealable plastic containers (to keep garnishes and bits of fruit decorations.)
bulletSome Drink coasters and toothpicks (for putting drinks on and for holding fruit together.)
bulletSwivel sticks for stirring (or a long handled Bar spoon available from most Liquor Stores.)
bulletStraws (cut some in half to make some smaller, bendy straws are great in a Highball Glass.)
bulletLittle Umbrellas and other colourful decorations ( from most grocery or liquor stores.)
bulletSmall Hammer (put Ice in a small plastic bag and pound to make crushed ice. Never put full Ice cubes in a blender crush first.)
bulletLittle Whisk mixer (small egg beater, whisk to stir some drinks.)
bulletSugar, Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg, Tabasco Sauce, Bitters, Lemon juice, Food colourings.

Glasses (hunt through you old wedding presents you will usually find a good selection. There is NO set rule for what glass to use be creative.)
(you can buy large sets of glasses with everything you will ever need very cheaply from most Dept. Stores. Also see Cocktail Secrets.)


bulletThese are the basic Equipment needed to make Cocktails. They can be put together quite cheaply. Your Bar can be as Simple or as elaborate as you want or can afford.
bulletThere are NO rules carved in stone Cocktail recipes are just guides, add and experiment to make them suit your own taste. There is no right or wrong way to make a Cocktail. Be inventive its the little differences in yours that makes it better than someone else's. Cocktails are perfect for that special occasion, celebration, anniversary or just for that special friend. So why not organise a Formal Black Tie Cocktail Party, get everyone to come and really dress up. Its great fun, an event to remember and great to show off your new Bar and Cocktail mixing skills!  

Need some recipes for your Cocktail Party?


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